Dragons buddy up with Fidelity Group


Dragons Rugby are delighted to ‘buddy up’ with innovative energy and communications company Fidelity Group Ltd to help save energy at Rodney Parade.

With the increasing costs and environmental impact of energy use at the stadium, Dragons selected Fidelity to integrate smart monitoring technology to regulate usage.

Realising the two organisations shared similar values, Fidelity have become a new sponsor while Buddy Ohm - a dynamic monitoring system - has been implemented throughout Rodney Parade.

Buddy Ohm is a cloud based smart solution that helps monitor the consumption of resources such as energy and water. Conscious of their impact on the environment, Buddy Ohm is already helping Dragons reduce their carbon footprint while producing significant cost savings.

IoT (Internet of Things) class hardware connects the monitoring systems cellularly to the Internet through wireless sensors placed in every room and at all the locations where Dragons use power externally, such as floodlights.

The facilities team at Rodney Parade now has access to continuous monitoring of temperature, humidity, electricity and water, gaining significant insights into critical systems which they can regulate individually, saving resources and driving down monthly spend.

In comparison to previous arrangements it means heating, lights and water usage can be managed continuously to respond to needs, while areas for improvement are easily identified.

This is all brought alive with a simple customisable visual dashboard showing both at-a-glance and operational views of resource use.

Tom Watkins, Dragons Commercial Business Development, shared his enthusiasm for the system and how it can help others learn about energy usage.

“What we love about Buddy Ohm isn’t just the significant saving it’s making for us but the fact we can use it to educate our fans and our school visitors, showing them just how much they can help the environment," he said.

"When we show them the dashboard, they have a light bulb moment; only in this case we want them to turn the light bulb off! It’s a really simple way to show how their own energy use can make a difference at school or at home.

"We’re also excited to be bringing Fidelity on board as sponsors, their energy and community focus is a perfect match for all the initiatives supported by us at Dragons.”

Fidelity have quickly taken to their role as sponsors adding their support to the work being done in the Inclusion programme with the mixed ability teams.

They are also pleased to be helping a talented player with the potential to become a first team regular for years to come by sponsoring dynamic young centre Tom Griffiths.

Fidelity’s Wales Area Manager, Matthew Farr a former rugby player himself is enthused about working with Dragons both on and off the field.

“As a business we have always looked to work with people who are passionate about their community," he said.

"Dragons are an ideal example of this; we have been so impressed by their commitment to the town and people of Newport.

"We’re particularly looking forward to being involved with the Inclusion programme and the Allstars mixed ability teams while showing all the support we can to Tom Griffiths who is such an amazing prospect.

"I played at a fairly high level myself so its great to be back within a brilliant rugby environment, one that adds so much value to peoples lives at all levels.

"For myself and Fidelity nothing is just a commercial transaction, all our relationships are built on adding value with organisations who show loyalty, trust and commitment to their teams and the wider community.”

Fidelity Group are looking forward to supporting the Dragons as a key partner and proud sponsors over the coming years as the club continues at the pinnacle of Welsh rugby.

For more information on the Fidelity Group click HERE

We’re excited to be bringing Fidelity on board as sponsors... their energy and community focus is a perfect match for all the initiatives supported by us...
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