Rodney Parade is the home venue for Wales U21s this season. The first match sees Wales U21s and Scotland U21s face each other.

Kath McCarthy | 08/02/2006

Rodney Parade is the home venue for Wales U21s this season. The first match sees Wales U21s and Scotland U21s face each other. In a re-inactment of when they faced each other at U21 rugby, Michael Owen and Andrew Hall continue the battle off field in an U21 and general knowledge quiz. The last time they went head-to-head Michael Owen and his U21 side came out on top when they beat Wales 27-25 at Caerphilly in 2000, who will be crowned the winner this time around? See below for the quiz

Question -  What was the score from the U21 match that you played each other at Caerphilly?
Andrew Hall - 30-27 to Wales(2/5)
Michael Owen - 30-25 to Wales (4/5)
Correct Answer - Wales 27, Scotland 25

How many times have Wales won the Grand Slam at U21 level?
Andrew Hall - 4 (2/5)
Michael Owen - 3 (5/5)
Correct Answer - 3

Have Scotland U21s ever won the Grand Slam?
Andrew Hall - Yes, once (0/5)
Michael Owen - No, never (5/5)
Correct Answer - No

How many of your team mates that played that day have gained international honours?
Andrew Hall - 7 (3/5)
Michael Owen - 7 (4/5)
Correct Answer - Wales 8 – Rhys Williams, Jamie Robinson, Mark Jones, Gareth Cooper, Robert Sidoli, Michael Owen, Ceri Sweeney and Ryan Powell; Scotland 9 – Jon Steel, Euan Murray, Douglas Hall, Bruce Douglas, Andrew Hall, Tom Palmer, Simon Taylor, Andrew Wilson, Calum MacRae.

What was the score last year when Wales U21s and Scotland U21s met and where was the match played?
Andrew Hall - 28-15 to Wales, match played at Stirling (3/5)
Michael Owen - 26-20 match played at Stirling (1/5)
Correct Answer - Wales 31 Scotland 7, match was played atAberdeen

The U21 World Cup has been held in Scotland what year was it held and who won the competition?
Andrew Hall - 2003 and New Zealand (3/5)
Michael Owen - 2004 and South Africa (3/5)
Correct Answer - 2004, New Zealand

Where did the Wales U21 team and Scotland U21 team finish in last years U21 World Cup?
Andrew Hall - Scotland finished in 7th place and Wales 8th (4/5)
Michael Owen - Wales finished in 7th place and Scotland in 8th (2/5)
Correct Answer - Scotland finished in 6th place and Wales in 8th

How does Andrew qualify for Scotland?
Michael Owen - His father is Scottish (3/5)
Correct Answer - His grandfather is Scottish

How many times has Michael Owen captained Wales?
Andrew Hall - 8 times(0/5)
Correct Answer - 3 times and has a perfect record with Wales winning all 3 games

When did Andrew make his senior debut for Scotland?
Michael Owen - 2002 against Romania (3/5)
Correct Answer - 2002 against USA

When did Michael make his senior debut for Wales?
Andrew Hall - 2002 against France (3/5)
Correct Answer - 2002 against South Africa

Final Scores
Andrew Hall - Total 20/45
Michael Owen - 30/45

Wales U21s take on Scotland U21s at Rodney Parade on Friday night kick off 7.10pm. Supporters are urged to purchase their tickets before the day of the match to avoid queuing. Call the ticket office now on 01633 674990 to reserve your ticket.

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