New Academy Manager for The Dragons

The Dragons are delighted to announce that John Williams has taken over the position of Academy Manager to the Region.

Kath McCarthy | 04/11/2005

John is well known throughout the Region as he has been WRU District Director of Rugby for the last three years and is familiar with the clubs, the Region and the game.

Speaking on his appointment John commented, “It is an exciting challenge that allows me to see young boys develop into men and to play a part in this process gives a real sense of achievement with players reaching their potential and gives me the opportunity to raise the bar in terms of professional rugby in Gwent. Directly and indirectly the position not only affects individuals but also the whole rugby structure. Through Objective One funding the next two and a half years are crucial to use that money to develop a model that will become, potentially the envy of the world.”

John started his role on November 1st and is charged with the development of future players in Gwent for the Regional side.

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