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Time and Location

The meeting takes place in the Business Suite at Rodney Parade on Tuesday 9th May. The meeting will officially start at 7pm however all shareholders are encouraged to arrive early in order to complete required identification checks (as below). The bar in the Business Suite will be open from 6pm, and again following the conclusion of the meeting.

Proxy Voting

All Shareholders should have received a form of proxy, which allows them to vote without attending the meeting. Shareholders who are not able to, or do not intend to attend the General Meeting should complete and submit in accordance with the instructions printed on it. The properly completed proxy form must be received by the Company by no later than 7.00 p.m. on the 7th May 2017. Unless the form of proxy is received duly completed by this date and time, it will be invalid.

If shareholders have already submitted a form of proxy and wish to change the instructions, they are advised to submit a fresh proxy to supersede the previous one. Shareholders who require another form for any reason should contact the Company directly. 

The completion and return of a form of proxy will not preclude shareholders from attending the General Meeting and voting in person if they wish to (but in such cases the proxy will subsequently not be entitled to attend). 


We would urge all shareholders to attend and vote, given the importance of the resolution. Those shareholders who are unable to attend can cast their votes via proxy (as above), in order that they are taken into account in the outcome of the vote.


Shareholders, or their proxy, must bring a form of identification to the meeting. This is to ensure only shareholders (or persons properly authorised by such shareholders through a completed form of proxy) are able to attend and vote at the General Meeting.

A recognised photo ID such as Passport or Driving Licence should be shown, or 2 other forms of ID bearing both name and address. Without fulfilling the identification requirements shareholders, or their proxy, may be refused access to the General Meeting.

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