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Match Report

No match report available.

T C D P Dragons U16 V Blues South U16 T C D P
Substituted Jack Williams 1
Substituted Jack Davies 2
Substituted Leon Brown 3
Yellow card Bryce Morgan 4
Substituted Lewis Johnson 5
(C) Lloyd Phillips 6
Substituted Nathan Hudd 7
Ben Watts 8
1 Substituted Dom Quigley 9
1 Substituted Josh Malson 10
Lloyd Lewis 11
James Hussey 12
Substituted Barney Nightingale 13
1 Patric Lewis 14
Jared Rosser 15
T C D P Replacements T C D P
Substitution Jack Kedward 16
Substitution Josh McCarthy 17
Substitution Angus Brown 18
Substitution Coner Jones-Graves 19
Substitution Max George 20
Substitution Sior Pearce 21
Substitution George Gasson 22
1 Substitution Arwel Robson 23

Head to Head Statistics

Dragons U16       Blues South U16

Dragons U16
Blues South U16
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Saturday December 15



Stade Marcel Michelin, Clermont Ferrand

KO 2:00 PM

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