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Match Report

No match report available.

T C D P Dragons V Mogliano T C D P
Substituted Owen Evans 1 Agustin Costa Repetto Substituted
Substituted Sam Parry 2 Ivan Gianesini
Substituted Dan Way 3 Massimiliano Ravalle Substituted
Substituted Andrew Coombs 4 Federico Maso
Rob Sidoli 5 Enrico Pavanello Substituted
Tom Brown 6 Marco Barbini Substituted
(C) Lewis Evans 7 Andrea Ceccato (C) Substituted
Substituted Ieuan Jones 8 Meyer Swanepoel
1 Substituted Wayne Evans 9 Enrico Endrizzi 1
1 3 1 Substituted Dan Evans 10 Edoardo Padovani
1 Michael Poole 11 Ezio Galon
Substituted Ashley Smith 12 Tommaso Boni
1 Patrick Leach 13 Enrico Ceccato Substituted
Tonderai Chavhanga 14 Filippo Guarducci
Hallam Amos 15 Vittorio Candiago Substituted
T C D P Replacements T C D P
Substitution Hugh Gustafson 16 Nicola Corbanese Substitution
1 Substitution Phil Price 17 Laert Naka Substitution
Substitution Nathan Buck 18 Gianluca Ceneda Substitution
Substitution Adam Jones 19 Jacopo Bocchi Substitution
Substitution Taulupe Faletau 20 Amedeo Di Pietro Substitution
1 Substitution Jonathan Evans 21 Alberto Lucchese
2 Substitution Lewis Robling 22 Giovanni Benvenuti Substitution
1 Substitution Jack Dixon 23 Antonio Giabardo Substitution
T Penalty Tries T

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Friday December 21

Cardiff Blues


Cardiff Arms Park, Cardiff

KO 7:35 PM

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