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Match Report

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T C D P Mogliano V Dragons T C D P
Substituted Andrea Ceccato 1 Nathan Williams Substituted
Substituted Agustin Costa Repetto 2 Sam Parry Substituted
Substituted Massimiliano Ravalle 3 Tim Ryan Substituted
Substituted Jacopo Bocchi 4 Ian Nimmo Substituted
Substituted Enrico Pavanello 5 Andrew Coombs Substituted
Marco Barbini 6 Jevon Groves Red card
Yellow card Meyer Swanepoel 7 Nic Cudd
(C) Edoardo Candiago 8 Ieuan Jones 2
Enrico Endrizzi 9 Wayne Evans (C)
Edoardo Padovani 10 Lewis Robling
Substituted Marco Gazzola 11 Michael Poole
Substituted Cristian Cerioni 12 Andy Tuilagi 1
Enrico Ceccato 13 Jack Dixon
Substituted Giovanni Benvenuti 14 Will Harries 1
Ezio Galon 15 Tom Prydie 1 4
T C D P Replacements T C D P
Substitution Ivan Gianesini 16 Hugh Gustafson Substitution
Substitution Laert Naka 17 Owen Evans Substitution
Substitution Gianluca Ceneda 18 Nathan Buck Substitution
Substitution Federico Maso 19 Rob Sidoli Substitution
Substitution Nicola Corbanese 20 Tom Brown Substitution
Substitution Tommaso Boni 21 Ashley Smith
Substitution Filippo Guarducci 22 Dan Evans
Substitution Alberto Lucchese 23 Patrick Leach

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Mogliano       Dragons

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Friday October 26



Kingspan Stadium, Belfast

KO 7:55 PM

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