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Match Report

No match report available.

T C D P Dragons V Leinster T C D P
1 Hugh Gustafson 1 Cian Healy Substituted
1 Substituted Steve Jones 2 Brian Blaney Substituted
Substituted Pat Palmer 3 Stephen Knoop Substituted
Andrew Hall 4 Trevor Hogan
Substituted Luke Charteris 5 Devin Toner Substituted
(C) Colin Charvis 6 Cameron Jowitt Substituted
Yellow card James Harris 7 Kevin McLaughlin
Substituted Joe Bearman 8 Stephen Keogh
1 Substituted Wayne Evans 9 Chris Keane Substituted
2 Substituted Jason Tovey 10 Jonathan Sexton 1 3
Richard Fussell 11 Gary Brown Substituted
1 Substituted Phil Dollman 12 Michael Berne 2
Rhodri Gomer-Davies 13 Brian O'Driscoll (C)
Gareth Wyatt 14 Shane Horgan
Kevin Morgan 15 Girvan Dempsey 1
T C D P Replacements T C D P
Substitution Ben Daly 16 Bernard Jackman Substitution
1 Substitution Adam Black 17 Ronan McCormack Substitution
Yellow card Substitution Adam Jones 18 Malcolm O'Kelly Substitution
Substitution Lewis Evans 19 Richie Leyden Substitution
Substitution Paul Emerick 20 Chris Whitaker Substitution
1 Substitution Ceri Sweeney 21 Christian Warner Substitution
Substitution Alex Walker 22 Juan Gomez Substitution

Head to Head Statistics

Dragons       Leinster

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Friday October 19

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Rodney Parade, Newport

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