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T C D P Dragons V Glasgow T C D P
Substituted Adam Black 1 Kevin Tkachuk 1
Substituted Steve Jones 2 Gordon Bulloch (C) Substituted
1 Substituted Chris Anthony 3 Andrew Kelly Substituted
Ian Gough 4 Joe Beardshaw
Substituted Peter Sidoli 5 Dan Turner Substituted
Jamie Ringer 6 Steve Swindall
(C) Jason Forster 7 Cammie Mather
Michael Owen 8 Paul Dearlove
Gareth Cooper 9 Graeme Beveridge
1 1 Substituted Ceri Sweeney 10 Dan Parks 1 1 1
Kevin Morgan 11 Rory Lamont
Substituted Sione Tu'ipulotu 12 Andrew Henderson Substituted
Hal Luscombe 13 Andy Craig
Gareth Wyatt 14 David Millard Substituted
1 Percy Montgomery 15 Kenny Logan
T C D P Replacements T C D P
Substitution James Richards 16 Scott Lawson Substitution
Substitution Rod Snow 17 Ben Prescott Substitution
Substitution Rhys Thomas 18 Andrew Hall Substitution
Substitution Luke Charteris 19 Jonathan van der Schyff
Substitution Rhys Oakley 20 Alasdhair McFarlane
Substitution Craig Warlow 21 Graeme Morrison Substitution
Gareth Baber 22 Colin Shaw Substitution

Head to Head Statistics

Dragons       Glasgow

Glasgow Warriors
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Friday October 26



Kingspan Stadium, Belfast

KO 7:55 PM

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